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“I love the increase of self-esteem, confidence, muscle strengthening, and excellent posture. I think you're an excellent teacher, especially how you break down the layers. I enjoy being part of a team. :)”


“I have to say, I have more bling than I used to have. I like the work of it and although you would never know it, remembering what the next step is supposed to be -- wow the mind does work once in a while. I also just LOVE the ladies that do this with me. Sometimes I show up just to see them. It is more than dancing, it is opening your life to more possibilities and friends!!”


“I have found out you can change the shape of your body at any age!! I love my bellydancer's booty even though I am over 45 and overweight I am more comfortable with my body than when I was a trim 20 year old young girl. (I am not lying).”


“Belly dancing definitely helps in our cognitive functions, physical appearance, confidence and great mood!”


“I think of it as 'dress up' for grown ups! Not only does it bring out the diva, the goddess in us, it brings out that little girl that always dreamt of what she could be... Additionally, the 'girls' of the class rock, as do you Sherry. Thank you!!”


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